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"For one who has no chance to live, an easy death is far better.
But under current law, it counts as murder.
I cannot tolerate that fact...

Long ago, I was a military Doctor.
I brought death to dozens of wounded soldiers who lacked medicine and care,
and they rejoiced.
Later, I became a killer for hire.
The kind that the law can't touch."

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Grey: Loathing, hate, unfamiliarity.
Purple: Acquaintance, speaking terms, not entirely comfortable.
Blue: Friendly, comfortable with.
Green: Good friends, easy to talk to.
Yellow: Crush, or best friends.
Orange: In love, family, or very close to.
Red: Deep love, unbreakable family, deep bond.

---: Indifferent, apathy, or perfect relationship.
✗: Doubt, pity, owe a favour.
✗✗: Nagging pity, apologetic, upset.
✗✗✗: Loss of sleep over, guilty conscience, troubled.
✗✗✗✗: Extreme guilt, powerful anxiety, agitation.
✗✗✗✗✗: Unhealthy preoccupation, intense suffering, traumatized.

You know that you are not alone: I need you like water in my lungs. )
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[In which World brings up some points and invites discussion!]

Last updated: November 15th, 2010.

And the night has no compassion for your actions, when you're trying to get away. )

[Check back for more shit later!]
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You've reached the Reaper's Avatar, Dr. Kiriko. Unfortunately I'm a busy man, and can't come to the phone.

If you called for my services, leave your name, your contact information, and how much you are willing to pay. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you're Yuri, go away.
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Name: World
Are you over 16?: Yes.
Personal LJ: Worldrescue
Timezone: Mountain Daylight Time
Other contact: MSN – Deviantart – World-Without-You
Characters already in the game: I also apped as Little Guy/FBI Agent Navel.
How did you find us?: VGCG introduced me!


Character name: Kiriko [first name] George [last name], but only goes by “Dr. Kiriko.”
Fandom: Black Jack

But whatever you do, please don't get me rescued. )
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